Understanding Risk Management With Different Risk Factors


If you are running a business, then you should know that risk is inevitable and are an essential part of any business. The business risks are related to several events that might have an adverse effect on your marketing strategies and objectives of a business. Therefore, the business risk is due to two aspects namely, the probability of any event and the seriousness of its consequences. Here, you can see the different types of risks that can manage with the help of proper risk management strategy.

1) Strategic risk: this kind of risk occurs with poor marketing strategy along with the poor acquisition. Poor planning is the root of this kind of risk. The organization can see the downfall due to poor marketing tactics and bad acquisition of different grades of products. The organization need to play proper strategies with appropriate risk management in order to avoid this risk.

2) Financial risk: The lack of credit assessment, lack of inventory management and poor receivables result in financial risk. There must be proper credit assessment of debtors and the company should follow a scheduled time for bills receivables. The low debtor turnover can reflect a poor image of the company.

3) Operational risk: Poor practices, poor routine, and inhuman actions result in this kind of risk. An organization must follow safe practices and willful actions by the employees should be prevented in order to prevent operational risk and financial losses to the business.

4) Technical risk: Technical risks are associated with the equipment breakdown, unforeseen circumstances and failure of physical assets. This kind of risk can be prevented appropriately by taking timely actions to check the technicalities and functioning of the equipment. Unfortunately, many organizations failed to focus too much on the performance of equipment which results in heavy loss.

5) Market risk: Inadequate market research is the cause of this kind of risk. This risk makes you believe that the customers are satisfied with your products and services irrelevant to their needs. However, this risk is the most important when compared to the above-described risks. This risk is less manageable and less quantifiable when compared to others.

For any organization, it is vital to manage risks on a regular basis. By implementing proper risk management, you can identify high risks in the areas and prevent any losses before risk. It helps you to interpret the actions to the greatest degree possible with the best technical support and market talent. You can solve the problem quickly and provide contingency throughout life. 

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